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Gooey Black Bean Brownies

These black bean brownies really hit the spot when you craving something chocolatey. It sounds a bit weird mixing black beans into your brownies but when they’re blended with the coconut cream and cacao powder they make the most indulgent gooey brownie. Who wouldn’t love that? The black beans give you an extra boost of fibre, protein and minerals like iron and copper. These brownies are great on there own but I love to finish them off with a creamy tahini and chocolate frosting.

Black Bean Brownies
Makes 8 -10 brownies

For the brownies
2 cups of black beans
1/2 cup of  natural coconut cream, from a can
3/4 cup cacao powder
3 tablespoons of coconut oil, melted
2 tablespoons of chia seeds, soaked in 6 tablespoons of water
1/4 cup of coconut sugar or maple syrup
1 teaspoon of vanilla
pinch of salt

For the frosting
2 tablespoons of tahini, coconut cream and cacao powder
1 tablespoon of coconut oil
coconut sugar to taste

Frist get your can of natural coconut cream and open it up. If its completely natural and has no fillers or gelling agents the cream should be solidified on top of the milk. Scoop this out and set it aside for the icing and save the milk for the brownie batter.
Add all of the brownie ingredients to a food processor and blend into a smooth batter. The batter should be thick and sticky with no chunks of black beans.
Pour the batter into a square baking tin lined with paper. Bake in at 160c for 25 – 30 minutes. The cooking time will vary depending on your oven. The brownies should be ready when they start to pull away from the sides of the tin. You still want them to be a bit soft but they will firm up when they cool down. Once cooked remove the brownies from the oven and allow to cool completely.
To make the icing melt all the ingredients together in a saucepan over a low heat. The amount of sugar you need will vary depending on what brand of tahini and cacao you use some are stronger than others so just taste and adjust if you want it sweeter. Pour the icing over the brownie and cut into squares. Eat straight away or store in the fridge.