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Hong Kong Food Guide

In March, I went on a quick 5 day trip to Hong Kong with a couple of my girlfriends. It was such an amazing holiday and I was pleasantly surprised with the vegan / vegetarian food options over there I thought I would share some of my favourite spots to grab a bite. These are probably old news for anyone who gets to Hong Kong regularly but handy for newbies planning a trip, especially if your vegan or vegetarian. Finding places to eat on holiday can be tricky for anyone but we were travelling with 2 vegetarians and 1 gal with a nut allergy. Yikes! Chinese food is typically meat heavy and doused in peanut oil so naturally, I was a little sceptical about eating out. But it was a breeze eating pretty much anywhere. It was harder trying to find somewhere to grab dinner without a booking than it was finding veggie options. All of the restaurants we ate at had loads of vegetarian options and were happy to make the dishes nut free. …